March 23, 2010


We arrived at the outpatient surgical center at Cedars an early 6am this morning with a very sleepy little boy. He was a trouper and only started to get nervous was when they called us to go back to the pre op area like a cattle herd of people and it the pre op room was set up for well for the nurses but scary for a 3 year old. Our pre op nurse didn't have the greatest gift of working with kids but after they gave him Versed with made him very loopy he seemed to not care, well enough he seemed happy but still refused to take off his shoes and put on the hospital pajamas. Dr. Lewin was great, Trey really liked her and he was happy to see her again. She was happy to have her favorite anesthesiologist today which is always a good thing to hear. The anesthesiologist was great with Trey, she carried him to the OR since he wouldn't lay down on the bed and gave him cookies that he could hold until after the surgery. Of course I assume he won't be holding it the whole time but to him he will be. We bought a new bunnybear, Trey's favorite teddy bear that he chews on and has eaten the ear off of each one of them. Yes we have 3 because we have to wash them all time because it just smells. They will give it to him with a bandage on it like him and then he will see his bunnybear will get a new bigger ear as well. It was one of the few things we could do for him. It was really hard to kiss him goodbye but I know it will be worth it in the end for him. We will be waiting during the surgery in the waiting room that isn't really set up for long waits but at least I have company of parents whose son is going through the same surgery as Trey. Unfortunately for them it is not the first time through this but we are hoping both boys now will have wonderful outcomes.

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