March 25, 2010

Day 2 Post Surgery

Day 2 and things are still getting better. Trey has said his arm hurts so last night he got his pain meds and he slept until 7:30am this morning. He is really shaky but I think it is a combination of not eating any real food and anesthesia. He did eat some ice cream, grapes and cheese, he still has a very low appetite but this is all to be expected. His eye is starting to swell which is expected and very normal. You can tell his energy level is slowly picking up, he is moving around more but then quickly goes back to sitting in his chair to watch a movie. We plan on keeping him inside until he starts to eat a little more which we hope will be tomorrow. So now its Disney movie marathon day 2. We bought more movies for him to watch because mommy and daddy needed some variety. So far so good, we get the drainage tubes out tomorrow and I guess that can be a tough time because it is probably the most painful of all this. I am planning on making sure he has some Tylenol in his system before the appointment. He has left his hat alone and doesn't like it when we touch it so he knows it is to be left on and this is a huge relief for us. He tried to rip off his hat and bandages during recovery and he ripped the hat of his bunny bear the nurses put on it so we were very worried. On cute quote from Trey when mommy asked him what movie he wanted this morning " I want to start with Cars" so I think he totally understands he gets to watch lots of movies today, not sure when mommy and daddy will start to ween him from the movies probably when we stop feeling bad for him.

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