March 23, 2010

Dr. Lewin update number 2

Dr. Lewin called at 3:45pm which is so nice to actually get to talk to her rather then the nurse. She wanted to make sure we knew that everything was okay but it was taking longer then expected. His hemifacial microsomia made placement of the ear difficult but she is happy with how its turning out. She got a large membrane flap that was so big it also filled in his cheek which is better then fat injections. She unfortunately could not use his little bit of ear cartilage to create a tragus because an artery was directly below it so it was safer to remove it completely then to move it. He also got a face lift. Yes that is correct my 3 year old had a face lift in Beverly Hills, CA. Sometimes you just have to laugh at these things. So we are looking at 12 hours of surgery for Trey today. I expected 8-10 but I know he is in good hands. Actually Dr. Reinish her partner and creator of the medpor ear reconstruction said the ear looks good. Not sure how he saw it since he was in surgery during the same time but then again you just assume he would check on her. I do know she tends to take longer with her surgeries then Dr. R but he has had more years of practice but I like to think that she is that more of a perfectionist.

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