March 27, 2010

pictures from Dr. Lewin of Trey's new Big Ear

Just some pictures that Dr. Lewin took during surgery. You can see the new big ear with all the skin grafts, Trey's bunny bear keeping watch for mommy and daddy and Trey with the anesthesiologist who was really great with him. Trey is doing really good, almost 100%, I would say the only difference is he doesn't have as much energy as usual but getting to have a little to much for our comfort. He also woke up a few times last night looking for his daddy even though daddy was sleeping in the bed next to Trey's bed. We all took a walk to the local farmers market to keep him busy without risking hitting his head, unfortunately I think Daddy and Mommy got worn out and not the kids. But life is starting to feel a little normal but I do have some anxiety that he is going to bump his ear before it's healed. We get the first dressing change on Monday and then we start to learn how we have to care for it while it heals.

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  1. His ear looks great, Stephanie. Now the waiting game begins as it heals. Glad to hear Trey is feeling better.