February 26, 2010

First ear question from a friend

A little girl in our playgroup asked Trey about his ears. She asked why one was bigger then the other. I just simply told her that he was just born that way. Trey immediately repeated my answer then he started to talk about him getting his bigger ear. Great thing about kids is that they don't care once they get an answer. She said oh and continued to play. Trey is to young to care right now that he gets these questions. I am not bothered by the questions, just a little sad that we are finally getting to the point that kids he plays with now notice. I hope his surgery goes well and he will be spared from having to answer numerous questions about his ear. I am sure there will be some just hoping to keep it minimal. I will teach him to be honest and polite and that people are naturally curious and that it is okay for people to ask as long as it is in a kind manner.

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