April 4, 2010

How we made this surgical experience also a vacation

With having to stay in CA for 2 weeks after the surgery and it only taking Trey 3 days to feel good enough to start being his active 3 year old self, we had to do things to keep the boys busy and mom and dad sane. The 2 days after surgery Trey just watched movies, he hardly ate anything and slept without having to work any energy out. Day 3 came and he started to not want to watch movies and ate normally. We found that the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade a great place to take him to walk around. They have bushes shaped like Dinosaurs which he loved, it was a great way to let him run around but when he was tired he rode in the stroller with his brother. Santa Monica also has a really nice farmers market on Wednesdays near the promenade. We also took the boys to the Petersen Automotive Museum in Beverly Hills, close to Cedars. Great place for boys since it is just full of interesting cars. We also visited the La Brea tar pits in LA, just down the street from the automotive museum. The park is free but you do have to pay to visit the museum. It was also a good place to let an adventurous boy run around without to much risk of hurting his new big ear. We also spent 3 days at Disneyland. We did not go 3 days in a row but rather every other day and made sure the weather was good since Trey can not get his ear wet yet. By the time we went, Trey had all the energy in the world for an all day visit. We were able to go on many many rides that he loved. We also got a pass at Disneyland that allowed us faster access to the rides so we did not have to wait in long lines, if you plan to go after surgery get this pass at city hall in Disneyland. We have also found local parks where we can walk to and let them both run and kick a ball around. All fun and not as dangerous for the ear as letting him bounce off the walls and furniture at the apartment. My goal was to have him have lots of fun memories about getting his bigger ear. I am hoping we accomplished that goal but only Trey and time will tell us. As for me I will always remember this trip as a great thing that Trey got his bigger ear and a wonderful family trip to Disneyland that also included our first earthquake. Aaron wasn't as excited about the earthquake since he lived in CA before and has felt many.

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