April 8, 2010

Story of the 3 Bunny Bears

Trey has his favorite stuff animal, bunny bear, its a bear in bunny pajamas. So Trey has always sucked on the ears of the bear so in time due to the fact it has to be washed frequently we have accumulated 3 bunny bears. Not long ago I noticed each bunny bear had a hole in one of its ears, I thought nothing of it until we added the 3rd bunny bear and I watched Trey tear a hole in the new bears ear. I thought he must want it to be like the other 2 and was just wearing it in faster. Well the interesting part is that he has ripped a hole in each bears left ear, which is the same side of his small ear. Not sure if it means anything other then he likes to eat left bear ears, who knows. After the surgery we gave Trey a new bunny bear and showed him that it has 2 big ears like he now has. He now runs around wanting the one with 2 big ears. Don't worry about the other 3, he told the new bunny bear that they are all friends.

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