April 13, 2010

3 weeks out and talked to Dr. Lewin

We are 3 weeks out today and the ear is looking better and better each time we see it. Trey can finally go without the cup during the day but needs to wear it at night to keep him from sleeping on it. The dark colored scab came off today, looks like some little fish took a bite out of his ear where the scab was. Dr. Lewin expects it to have a scar but one that she can fix during stage II surgery. Most of the stitches have come out. We are cleaning it with soft soap and Q tips which is working nicely. I did add some antibiotic cream to the place the scab was just to make sure it heals nicely now. The ear is looking nice and pink. Trey doesn't like to touch his new ear yet. I think he is getting used to it and not sure what to think about his new ear right now. Not looking forward to a stressful day trying to keep the ear safe from Matthew who likes to grab it or Trey who is an active 3 year old who can quickly band his head on anything.

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