April 23, 2010

1 month post surgery

We are one month out, and Trey is doing well. The ear is healing but still has a way to go. He has a patch of hair that has fallen out. I think this is normal since I know others have done the same. Now I just try and remind myself that it will take months for it to heal up nicely and for the hair to grow back. But it is an ear and looks great. The ear does change on a daily basis, the color keeps changing it is interesting thing to watch. But the scabs are all off. He no longer is wearing the ear cup at night or during the day. We are still limited to activities but with a 3 year old it really doesn't matter much. We have another 4 weeks before he can do his hockey lessons or swimming but that is it for any restrictions. We do ask him to be careful with his new ear and so far so good. Trey says he likes it and tells me all the time not to take it off. He will do anything we ask if we just tell him Dr. Lewin told us to do it. :)


  1. Thank you for posting your story. My nephew will have this surgery on Tuesday with Dr. Lewin also. We are all nervous about it, but your updates are encouraging. Thank you again.