January 27, 2010

Did we know about microtia before Trey was born?

I have been asked this question before and have heard others wonder the same thing on the yahoo group message board. Did we know before Trey was born, sorta. We had a 3D ultrasound performed when I was 27 weeks pregnant at one of those private ultra sound places. The tech noticed the ear but was not able to tell us since it was for "entertainment" purposes only. Thankfully she informed my OB of what she had seen. I was not told of the possible ear issue until I saw my doctor 2 weeks after my ultrasound. I got my doctor to agree to further ultrasounds but by that time Trey was head down and laying on his left side, the ear in question could not be seen. I went through many emotions at the thought something was wrong and we wouldn't know for sure until the birth. I cried that first night. I looked at the 3D images and convinced myself they were wrong of course they look just like his ear. The interesting part is a week before my due date I saw a show on plastic surgery and it was about a boy who got a new ear with Dr. Reinisch. I then realized this was ours and Trey's fate but I at least knew there was something that can help and that gave me hope. Knowing ahead of time that something might be wrong was hard but a gift, I was able to deal with my emotions before hand and come to terms that we may have to face things we weren't planning on. I was not however prepared for the jaw issue and the words syndrome. But once we got a grip on what it was exactly we were dealing with I became so thankful it wasn't worse but sad Trey was going to have to deal with things you never want for your child.

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