January 24, 2010

CT scan

So this is just a post to write what we learned about getting a ct scan. First try to do it without sedation. The scan takes no more then 5 minutes and if they can't lay down still, the nurses will burrito wrap your child. Trey was wrapped and screaming most of the time during the scan, but I would take that then having him sedated which is what we went through with the ABR. It might sound traumatizing to the child but really its not, he was calming down right before it ended but since the scan itself was so fast the crying didn't last long at all. I am sure some kids won't cry, no pain just laying down on a bed that moves a little. I was able to stand next to him the whole time. They also used toys to distract him while the scanning was going on but that is because we had it at a hospital where they have child life specialist whose job it is to help kids get through such medical tests. We also requested a copy of the scan and got a 3D image as part of the report on a cd. It was interesting to see how things are underdeveloped but sad at the same time.

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