July 23, 2010

4 months post medpor

Wow has it really been only 4 months ago? I can't believe how well his ear has healed. I still admit I had my doubts, the hardest was the first few months, I just couldn't see how much his ear would change. I think seeing these monthly pictures has helped so much. Trey's ear is looking amazing and causing no problems at all. The sensitivity of his ear seems to have decreased, still has hair growing in places it doesn't need to on the ear but that seems to be a little less then a few months ago and really isn't as much as I thought. His hair has grown back as well all except for a spot about the size if a dime. Now we wait for Dec 3rd for stage 2 and to see if we can get a soft band BAHA for Trey.

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  1. Hi Stephanie,

    Trey's ear is looking great. Everything is healing so well.

    So happy for you guys,