June 23, 2010

3 months post medpor stage 1

We are 3 months out from Trey's surgery and his ear is healing very well. The scars are fading and the skin is evening out. His hair is starting to grow back with only 1 spot that has yet to fill in but I am optimistic that it will in the next few months. His ear is very sensitive which is surprising since there are no nerves there,. Sometimes I think he tells me it hurts so I stop touching his ear which I do a lot because I am so amazed at his new ear. :) He does have some hair growing on his new ear but thankfully only in 2 spots, right behind the ear and in the bowl of his ear. I was instructed by Dr. Lewin that I could take tweezers to pull out the hair, well I tried it one time and will never again. The skin just lifted way to much for my comfort so we found a very small electric shaver that can get most of the hair. The hair grows way to much for me to leave it alone. We are hoping during stage 2 that Dr. Lewin can laser the hair so we won't have to deal with it too much.

Right now Trey is in preschool and swim lessons. We hope to get him back to learning how to hockey skate this summer. Hopefully we can get him skating good enough that he can do a league this fall.

Matthew is a very typical one year old. He is starting to talk more and more and tries to play with his big brother all the time. He also is taking swim lessons and loves the water more then his big brother so he maybe our little swimmer.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting the pictures and information on your blog. I have been checking back to see how he is healing. My little boy had the same surgery with Dr. Lewin on May 11. We are almost to the 8 week mark. He has done remarkably well through all of this. It's nice to look at your blog and pictures to kind of have an idea what to look forward to. Thanks again and good luck with the future surgeries!