March 22, 2012

New ear cup

This is a picture of the new ear cup Dr. Lewin is using, it has 4 straps and stays a lot better then the old ones. No need for skull cap now :)

Pictures of Trey's medpor revision surgery

These are pictures from the morning of Trey's surgery with Dr. Lewin. He really was excited about it, the first picture was taken before the versed, not sure he really needed it but it does help once they go into the or. Aaron who probably won't be happy that I posted his picture, lol.. was able to go back into the or with Trey. The last picture is Trey 5 days post op with Dr. Lewin. The ear is swollen but will be great once it goes down, she made some improvements and lifted the ear so now glasses will fit behind the ear rather then resting on top so in a way this surgery was needed for more then one reason. Trey is happy with his new big ear, had little pain afterwards just a day or so which Tylenol worked well. We went to Disneyland the next day. Trey did well but was in the stroller most of the day which was expected but really he was back to normal by Sunday.

March 17, 2012

medpor revision surgery

So Trey had his surgery with Dr. Lewin on Wednesday. Yes the medpor was broken, though she thought it was subtle I thought it was more and more obvious since it didn't look the same. It seems it might be a mixed blessing that we had this surgery. His ear dropped more then Dr. Lewin liked and by raising it, it might give it more space behind the ear for glasses or sun glasses. His HFM makes it hard to keep the ear up where is should be so she added a medpor block to help give it a lift. Trey has a lack of bone structure on his affected side so any ear is like placing it on a cliff with nothing under it to hold it in place. Though we were happy with the ear before but this might make it even better plus she raised the tragus and fixed other stuff on his ear. Oh and the best news regarding the surgery so far is that she put the incision behind the ear instead of in front, something she never has done with replacing a medpor but I love it so no new scaring in the front. YEAH...

Trey is doing well, he was able to spend the day at Disneyland the day after surgery, he just rode in the stroller most of the time. He is not in a lot of pain except when the ear cup gets knocked around or mommy tries to see if it needs to be lifted since it looks like it lowered. Mommy has learned to not touch it. .

I am going to write about the surgical experience as experienced by us parents. I am in love with her new surgical center. WOW was it friendly to families. Matthew was able to stay with us the entire time though Aaron stayed with him after Trey was out of surgery, just too much going on that isn't necessarily good for 3 year olds to see and too much for 3 year olds to want to touch. The nurses were so good, the front desk people were so friendly and even changed to waiting area tv for us without us asking or saying anything. It really was a 100% more positive experience and I think for Trey as well. We had a private pre op room with a tv playing Finding Nemo, No cattle herding that always seems to be the point that Trey would start to get nervous. We saw none of that this time. Aaron was able to go with Trey to the OR and he said Trey did great until the mask was put on him but he was out in 5 seconds at that point. Yes I was given the option to go with Trey but seeing him at 18months under anesthesia for his ABR test I was like no way never again so I elected Aaron. Of course he said it wasn't that bad. Funny part is Dr. Lewin was taking pictures for his website or other info about the surgery so Trey was her model and so was Aaron, the person who hates to do that sort of thing had too. So even better. I will add pictures once they get off the camera and hopefully pictures of his new new ear.