March 22, 2012

Pictures of Trey's medpor revision surgery

These are pictures from the morning of Trey's surgery with Dr. Lewin. He really was excited about it, the first picture was taken before the versed, not sure he really needed it but it does help once they go into the or. Aaron who probably won't be happy that I posted his picture, lol.. was able to go back into the or with Trey. The last picture is Trey 5 days post op with Dr. Lewin. The ear is swollen but will be great once it goes down, she made some improvements and lifted the ear so now glasses will fit behind the ear rather then resting on top so in a way this surgery was needed for more then one reason. Trey is happy with his new big ear, had little pain afterwards just a day or so which Tylenol worked well. We went to Disneyland the next day. Trey did well but was in the stroller most of the day which was expected but really he was back to normal by Sunday.

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