January 1, 2011

2 months post op stage 2

It has been 2 months since stage 2 and the ear is doing great. Trey is also doing great and life finally is normal, no cup, no stitches, no more surgeries at least until jaw surgery years from now. His ear is looking great, great projection and it looks like an ear. Yes the ear does not look like his natural big ear but it looks as good as i could have hoped. There is still redness where the stitches were but I know those lines will fad and the ear will even be better. The ear does grow just a bit of hair in the bowl but only mom sees it and it really isn't enough to even try and trim it. The ear still needs to be cleaned to help get rid of the dead skin cells but that is to be expected with skin grafts. His arm scar is fading and will fad more and more as time goes by to just be a thin white line. Oh just to note in the pictures Trey is drinking apple cider for New Years, daddy's idea :) The other picture is Trey with his bunny bears, notice that all the ears look the same now.

As for as the BAHA, we finally got a loaner which Trey basically wears to school only. He says he doesn't like it but is very good at wearing it at school but as soon as he is in the car he takes it off. We are not yet sure how much it helps, one draw back is that Trey gets asked about his ear because of the BAHA and he at this point doesn't like that type of attention so we are going to weight that in as well with our decision to some day go with the BAHA. But for now we will enjoy the loaner while we have it.


  1. Treys ear looks amazing! You must be so pleased! we saw Dr Lewin the other day and she is wonderful

  2. Awesome!!! So glad everything is going great! I can't wait to be done and over with it. B gets his new ear in 2 months!