August 26, 2010

5 months post medpor

I still can't believe it has been 5 months ago that Trey got his new big ear. It took awhile to get used to seeing him with his new ear. Now I can barely remember what he looked like with his little ear. His ear continues to heal nicely the color continues to even out. The hair that was growing on it seems to have lesson to the point I don't notice it anymore which is great. We brush is with a soft baby's tooth brush to help get rid of old skin and that has worked really well. He sleeps on it with no problems. He does have a small bald spot above his ear that still doesn't have any signs of hair growing back but it seems to slowly getting smaller, his last hair cute I barely see it. His arm scar is also looking better and better. It is not as bad as I thought and I think by the time he is a teenager it should be light enough to not really notice, besides I figured he could always make up some story so all his friends would want one too. :) Trey is careful on how he takes off his shirts. He loves his new ear and if I tell him that we are going to see Dr. Lewin to help make the ear more like his other ear he just tells me that Dr. Lewin is NOT to take off his new ear. I of course assure him that no, she will definitely not be taking that ear off. I guess you can say he likes his new big ear.

As for the softband BAHA update, we still are working with a local doctor but it seems that his staff changed so helping us get Trey a BAHA has seemed to be forgotten. It has taken awhile to get the new assistant to catch up and start the process with the insurance company all over again. I am going to give it a little time and if not I will try another Dr's office.

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  1. Hi, found your blog through another blog. My son is having surgery with Dr. Lewin in March next year. Your blog is so helpful with great information. Glad it's going well for your son!