November 4, 2013

Update on Trey with a baha Oticon Ponto

Lesson learned about how to see how scared kids are regarding surgery.  So a year ago we met with a local ENT about doing a trial with a Sophono hearing device that works with magnets rather then an abutment.  Trey said he liked it but did not want surgery.  We got a divino used device on a softband and we learned he hated the softband and would not wear it.  We had one more appointment with the ENT and I told the doctor that Trey just didn't want surgery so he turned to Trey and told him that after surgery he will get to take home 10 gallons of ice cream.  Trey's eyes of course lit up.  As we walked out I asked again and he said he wanted the surgery.  I told him if it was for the ice cream I would be happy to get him ice cream with out the surgery.  He said no he wanted it.  So last February he had the abutment implanted in a one surgery and received his Ponto just before school started.  Oh and he never asked for the ice cream.  However this mom reminded the surgeon of his promise and after forgetting twice he eventually gave Trey a half gallon of ice cream (no way would I do 10 and a 6 year old doesn't know the difference)  He likes his Ponto but doesn't love it.  He likes hearing better especially at school.  He is great about wearing it at school but doesn't wear it at home.  He doesn't like it because it makes him different. 

At the start of the school year I did talk to the teacher and she had me come into the classroom one morning during the first week of school to talk to the classmates.  Trey and I talked before this and agreed what I would tell his classmates.  Later one he allowed me to talk about his medpor ear too.  He is very happy that I did so he doesn't have to talk about his ear. He doesn't like to discuss his ear at all and is much more comfortable with me to do it for him.  The good thing about this is one mom of a child in his class who I will assume is has a diagnosis on the Autism spectrum told me how her son told her that after I spoke to the class he didn't need to touch Trey's ear anymore because he knows all about it now.  Lesson learned that being open about it is a good way to go.  Trey is in the 1st grade and has had no issues with any comments about his ear or his processor. 

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